On behalf of the Mental Health Foundation and British Psychological Society, we would like to thank you for presenting at our seminar ‘Children, Young People and Mental Health: Communicating In An Online World’. It was a great success and your presentation, alongside the other speakers, underpinned this achievement.

Together, your breadth of knowledge on this important topic painted a clear picture of the challenges and opportunities that the use of digital presents; something a number of attendees fed back to us. It was encouraging to see such good levels of engagement and discussion on the areas raised your presentations in the networking session.

Bringing your personal experience of using digital to support your mental health was incredibly inspiring and clearly resonated with attendees, many of whom highlighted this in the feedback we received. It’s clear that while certain barriers and risks still exist in the use of digital, the perspective you presented gave a great sense of optimism to the room.

The topic of children and young people’s mental health and the role of digital continues to be a keen focus for both of our organisations, and we look forward to working with you again in the near future.

British Psychological Society and Mental Health Foundation