Anxiety: from racing mind to irrational thoughts – an insider’s story.

It’s the racing mind with thoughts that won’t slow down.

It’s the compulsion to undertake lots of activities at once.


It’s the claustrophobia felt when surrounded by people.

It’s the fear of being alone.


It’s the need to escape from being indoors.

It’s the feeling of suffocation even when you’re outside.


It’s the pacing from room to room.

It’s lacking the energy to move anywhere.


It’s the panic you feel when you have tasks to complete.

It’s the irrationality of avoiding these tasks at all costs.


It’s the erratic nature of predicting a panic attack.

It’s the physical symptoms that can scare you to death.


It’s the frustrating of failing to articulate what is wrong.

It’s the concern from others about what to do.


It’s remembering that these feelings are temporary.

It’s knowing that these thoughts will pass.


It’s surrounding yourself with those who care.

It’s providing empathy without judgement to those who are struggling.


It’s knowing that some of us are prone to these episodes.

It’s learning not to fight and feel bitter.


It’s treating yourself as you would a friend.

It’s reminding yourself of the compassion you deserve.


It’s accepting this is part of your life.

But knowing that anxiety will never define you.

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