FLYTE Clean Energy: a natural alternative?

Living in a busy city like London can be exhausting. Whilst I am lucky to work freelance and avoid the daily commute, during work projects and training days, I’ve been keen to look for an energy drink that’s an alternative to those with a high sugar and artificially high caffeine content. It was great timing when the guys from FLYTE came along and asked if I’d sample their new clean energy drinks.

IMG_9608  IMG-0034


FLYTE caught my eye due to their natural sourcing of caffeine, from something some of you will have already heard of – green coffee. They only use products which are non-GMO, low calorie, and they also include other types of natural ingredients, such as Maca (to help focus) and Griffonia and Schizandra. I hadn’t heard of the latter two, but already take Maca tablets as part of my overall wellbeing regime.

Each bottle has the equivalent of a double shot of espresso, so in effect it’s the same as a regular Americano at the local coffee chain.

So what’s the verdict?

Previously, it has been suggested that green coffee can aid weight loss and enhance performance, particularly when used alongside Raspberry Keytones. Whilst I am not sure if there is sufficient evidence to prove the former claim, I have noticed a slightly elevated level of energy at the gym, whilst avoiding the ‘crash’ hours later.

I love the style of the bottle. It’s glass and easy to recycle. The logo (a bird) looks great in the different colours too.

Flavour-wise, the green mango seems slightly too artificial for my taste, but the red berries and citrus lemon flavours definitely compete with the likes of Lucozade. Given the choice, I would prefer FLYTE, although if you are doing intense workouts I imagine it is important to ensure you help your body replace lost electrolytes.

Whilst the drinks still contain a small amount of sweetener (steviol, which I’m not too big a fan of) it’s definitely worth a shot (no pun intended) as an alternative to that afternoon double espresso, or can of energy drink.

I wouldn’t be switching from my Americano first thing in the morning, but I’d be sure to drink this over an energy drink if I were heading out to the gym or wanted something refreshing as a pick-me-up and to avoid a mid-afternoon slump.


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